Are you considering going under the knife for that perfect smile? You are not alone. Many people have opted for dental surgery in order to get their teeth looking perfect. Among these many people are famous celebrities. There are many stars who owe their careers and smiles to dental surgery. Below is a list of just a few of the stars who found it necessary to undergo dental surgery to get the smiles that we all adore.

Tom Cruise

You probably wouldn't be able to guess it now, but in the early days of this Hollywood hunk, Tom Cruise's smile was anything but desirable. Cruise's teeth were misaligned and discolored. His front tooth even had a chip. After the movie "The Outsiders," Cruise decided to get the chip fixed. However, it wasn't until he turned thirty-nine that the actor decided to have his entire set of teeth realigned. $30,000 in cosmetic dental surgeries later, Cruise has a smile that anyone can recognize.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is no stranger to dishing out thousands of dollars to fix his teeth. In his earlier days, Cage's teeth were disheveled and extremely misaligned. In 1984, Cage even decided to remove two of his teeth in order to be better prepared at portraying a character in one of his films. When Cage began to receive more leading men roles, he reconstructed his entire mouth with dental implants to make himself more appealing to his women-based audience.

Hilary Duff

Hollywood men aren't the only ones who decide to undergo the knife to better their smiles. Actress and singer Hilary Duff had her teeth fixed through dental surgery; twice! Duff had a massive over bite, discolored and misaligned teeth while she was acting in a children's television show. She decided to get an entire mouth makeover when she moved on to a singer career. When the surgery was done, Duff felt they were too long and made her look like a horse. A few years later, she had her old implants removed and an entire new set put in. Now her teeth are straight and sparkling white.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck didn't always have the perfect smile he has now. In fact, he didn't even pay for the set of dental implants. Before Affleck starred in the movie Armageddon, he had a mouth full of small teeth with many gaps. When director Michael Bay saw just how bad his teeth looked on camera, he paid for Affleck to get a full set of implants. Fifty-six hours and $20,000 later, Affleck now has a full set of even and attractive teeth.

Don't let the decision of dental implant surgery dissuade you from finally getting your perfect smile through a company like True Bite Oral Surgery and Implant Center. Many people do it everyday, including famous Hollywood movie stars. If they can have a full set of perfect teeth and a smile that everyone envies, so can you.