People are unique, and it is the uniqueness between persons that largely makes them so special. But with unique differences come unique dental needs. Special oral health care acknowledges just these differences and anticipates how certain people require a more holistic approach to oral health. The realm of special oral health care is quite involved and complex, and your understanding of it should be aided by some thorough research. The following is aimed at rounding out your understanding of this unique area of oral health.

Who Requires Special Oral Health Care?

As noted, people with unique oral health needs require unique oral health care. But what exactly does this uniqueness consist of? The answer is: many things. The following is a list of people who need special dental services.

Individuals Who Require Help Getting Into the Dental Chair

For certain persons with limited mobility, visits to the dentist can be daunting. In fact, often the idea of mustering the energy and ability to actually get into the dental chair will prevent these people from visiting the dentist altogether. Special oral health care will be provided for people with cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis. If you suffer from one of these conditions, do not allow it to prevent you from taking proper care of your teeth. Simply inform your dentist of your condition beforehand and your dentist and his or her team will prepare accordingly to have you transported from your wheelchair into the dental chair.

Individuals with Unique Mouths

Different people have very different mouths. If you suffer from mouth cancer, your dentist will need to be apprised of this condition. Knowing that you suffer from cancer will require that rather than working independently, your dentist will work with a team of medical professionals. Doing so will allow your dental professional to draft a holistic approach to your oral health care.

In addition, people who suffer from cleft palates and want to rectify this condition tend to require involved reconstructive surgery. As such, your dentist will need to work with a group of seasoned professionals in order to properly address this condition.

Individuals with Secondary Medical Conditions

There are also individuals who have secondary and serious medical conditions. If you suffer from a heart condition and are medicated for this condition, your dentist will need to know about this. This is important because he or she will need to alternate different types of medication that he or she will be administering as the drugs may interact in a negative manner.