For those who don't or can't verbalize, getting someone to understand where the pain is can be quite a trial. As the parent or loved one of someone who is non-verbal, it's important that you understand the signs that there is dental pain to be dealt with. Otherwise, it could go on longer than it needs to and end up causing more health problems than if it were taken care of immediately. Here, you can learn some of the non-verbal cues that can help you see when emergency dental care might be required.

Change in Eating Habits

If someone has a pain in their mouth, they aren't going to eat as much as they normally would or they are going to select different things than usual. Look for your loved one to avoid eating or to choose only soft foods. Older children might even want something that doesn't have sugar in it if they understand that the sugar may cause a cavity to hurt worse.

Wincing When Using Mouth

If you've ever had a toothache, you know that sometimes all it takes is to accidentally touch that tooth whether you are talking, eating, or anything else. All of a sudden, a sharp pain hits and there is nothing you can do but wince. If you see a loved one do this, it could be a sign that they have a toothache or some other tender area in their mouth.

Tugging at Ears

Sometimes people tug at their ears when they have dental pain, especially when they are laying down at night. It isn't that there is a problem with the ear itself. It's just that sometimes the swelling can put pressure on the inner workings of the ear just because it is so close to the mouth. This frequently happens at night simply because that's when people lay down and gravity causes the infection and swelling to go to the lowest spot, which is very close to the ear.

Other signs that there may be a dental emergency would include a swollen face and sometimes even nasal problems. Keep in mind that the roots of the teeth are very close to some nasal cavities, so when they swell, it can cause nasal discomfort. If you see any of these signs, call a dental professional or company like Children's Dentistry of Lake County to schedule an appointment and learn what you can do to help ease the pain of your loved one.