It is important to take care of any emergency dental issues immediately as they can often lead to bigger problems. For example, a dental infection that is left untreated can quickly spread to your brain in a matter of weeks. The infection can eventually kill you. If you survive the infection, you will be strapped with numerous hospital bills. These bills will be exponentially higher than what you would have originally paid if you fixed the problem initially. Putting off dental care because you do not have insurance or enough money is not recommended. Instead, there are a few things you can do to receive emergency dental care without any insurance.

Contact a Dental School

A dental school will be able to offer you a discount for emergency treatment because it comprises dental students who are allowed to practice on patients. The students are able to gain experience while offering you affordable medical treatment. They usually are open through the night to provide emergency care outside of regular business hours. In order, to make sure that they have enough space, you can call ahead before arriving at the dental school.

Ask Your Dentist for a Payment Plan

Most dentists are more than willing to offer their patients a payment plan option. This option requires you to get credit approval before being able to use it. Once the approval is granted, your dentist will come up with a specific plan that fits your budget. It is important to make sure that you pay these payments on time as late payments can affect your credit. In addition, your dentist may decide to revoke your payment plan abilities for future dental operations.

Go to a Free Clinic

A free clinic is designed to provide free medical care to people who cannot afford insurance. Some of the staff comprises paid workers while a majority of them are volunteers. As a result, they are able to either offer you free medical care or will grant you a tremendous discount. Even though they are volunteers, workers at a free clinic are composed of qualified health care workers that have experience and training.

If you do not have dental insurance you should not avoid getting treatment for your dental emergency. Postponing treatment will only have a negative impact on your health. Instead, use these tips to ensure that your teeth are treated right away. For more information, talk to a professional like Hernandez Dental.