Children may not be the first people you think of as cosmetic dentistry candidates. However, there are some instances when getting cosmetic treatments is important for child dental care. 

As a rule of thumb, cosmetic dentistry options are reasonable to consider when an issue won't go away on its own, by giving your child's smile time to develop. For instance, if a trauma occurs to one of your child's teeth, that tooth may not continue to grow correctly and it could cause problems for the development of other teeth. 

Here are some treatments that may be valuable to consider:

Teeth Whitening

In some cases, teeth whitening can be appropriate once your child has their adult set of teeth. If the teeth are stained for a reason that's beyond your control, such that a better brushing and flossing routine isn't going to do the trick, then it's safe to get teeth whitening done for your child. The dentist will be sure to use chemical doses that are appropriate and safe for your child, based on how likely they are to swallow the material. A micro abrasion treatment may be all that's needed to correct the appearance of stained teeth. 

Partial Dentures

A porcelain veneer may not be the best option for a child, since the tooth may continue to grow and eventually outgrow the veneer. But if your child has a tooth that is misshapen or is a size too small, then a partial denture can be a good replacement for these teeth. Having the proper size teeth in each location is valuable because it gives the other teeth less room to move around and grow in crooked. 

Dental Crowns

Another option for a damaged or misshaped tooth is a dental crown. Dental crowns can help to cover a tooth that has been chipped or cracked and is highly visible. Crowns are also an option when the tooth is severely misshapen or discolored. Some parents may prefer to opt for the dental crown over a partial denture, since this helps to avoid issues with cleaning a removable appliance. 

Cosmetic dentistry for children is an issue that needs to be dealt with carefully. You wouldn't want to get a cosmetic treatment that's inappropriate for a young tooth. Have a child dental care specialist thoroughly evaluate your child's smile to address your concerns about its development; cosmetic dentistry may or may not be on the table. 

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