Being the oldest child in the family often means having to help with the younger siblings. This is true at home and while out in public. If you have an older child who is responsible and caring, they may be able to help their siblings in other locations. One of the scariest places for children and adults alike is the dentist's office. Here are some ways that your child's eldest sibling can help with their younger siblings on a first visit to the dentist. 

Have the eldest tell them what happened their first time

While you may no be able to remember your first time at the dentist in detail, your eldest child is likely to remember their feelings and their experience at the dentist a little bit better. Your older child talking to their younger siblings about what they will experience at the dentist will give them a good idea of what to expect to help take away the jitters. Children may also better describe the feelings of being a first timer at the dentist together. 

Ask the dentist if they can sit in

If your children are close, your younger child may take comfort in having their older sibling around. If your eldest child likes feeling more like an adult and if your younger child is scared at the dentist, as your family dentist if your older child can sit in the exam room with their sibling. The oldest may be able to sit in a chair in the corner and hold their sibling's hand or talk to their younger sibling if they start to become worried. Some dentists will appreciate someone helping younger children sit still and keep calm. 

Offer them a mutual reward for mutual work

Having your children help one another and work together can be of lifelong benefit for your family. Let both of your children know that if they help each other to remain calm and brave, you will allow them to select a mutual reward. The reward can be an event that they may want to go to together or a dinner out at their favorite place. After the dental visit is over, ask your family children how each of your children seemed to do during their service. If the dentist corroborates the fact that your children worked together and had an easy service, let your kids know that they can pick any reward that they would like together. 

Talk to a dentistry such as All About Smiles for more ideas for calming your child during their first trip to the dentist.