Has a dentist advised you that you will need dental fillings? Perhaps you have an existing filling that has become loosened and needs to be replaced. A loose dental filling can cause tooth pain, and there is a risk that the tooth can get infected. You may even be curious about getting your current dental fillings removed due to concerns about the material they are made from. Composite resin dental fillings have gained popularity among individuals who need fillings or have issues with their metal fillings. The following points will help you understand the pros of opting for composite fillings.

Natural Appearance

Composite fillings are the same hue as natural teeth. This makes their appearance less noticeable than metal fillings. In the past, some people were ashamed of metal fillings because the filling material made it obvious that cavities were present. In some cases, the metal chosen appeared dark in color, which made the affected teeth appear to be cavities. 


There are many individuals who have metal allergies. These individuals may have endured many issues in the past with their metal fillings. Fortunately, dentists, today can remove the older dental work and replace the fillings with composite resin fillings. There is also the concern of amalgam fillings for some individuals. These individuals have fears regarding the potential mercury exposure from amalgam fillings. The best way to alleviate these fears is to remove the fillings and replace them with composite fillings. There are safe methods of extracting amalgam fillings with minimal exposure to mercury.

Preserved Tooth Structure

The purpose of fillings and similar dental work such as dental crowns is to preserve the integrity of the existing tooth structure. Teeth must be prepped for these procedures. This usually involves removing some of the tooth structure to ensure that the material adheres to the tooth structure. Composite resin does not usually require removing as much from the tooth structure as metal fillings require. 

Damage Unlikely

Metal fillings can expand and cause teeth to crack. This can result in additional dental work being needed. For example, the expansion could cause cracks that make the affected tooth susceptible to additional decay. This could result in a dental crown being needed to protect the tooth. 

A dentist is a good resource to use to understand additional reasons that composite fillings may be right for you. They can also replace fillings that are giving you problems. For example, metal fillings cause some individuals to experience tooth sensitivity when they eat hot or cold foods or drinks. 

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