You can have straight, even teeth without wearing braces when you sign up for Invisalign treatment. Invisalign uses clear retainers to move your teeth into new positions. Clear aligners can do anything that traditional braces can do, but they're much more discreet. If you're wearing these types of retainers for the first time, you'll need some information to ensure the comfort and efficacy of your treatment. Here are four things you can do to have the best possible experience:

1. Wear your clear aligners.

Your clear aligners can only work while they're on your teeth. Unlike braces, clear aligners are removable, and you'll be expected to take them out to eat meals and brush your teeth. However, you should wear your clear aligners at all other times. Failing to do so can make your treatment take longer. If you want to have a straight, beautiful smile as soon as possible, you must listen to your orthodontist's instructions and wear your retainers religiously, even while you sleep.

2. Communicate with your orthodontist.

Some discomfort should be expected with any orthodontic treatment. However, if you find the pain of a new set of clear aligners unbearable, you should check in with your orthodontist. They may be able to make adjustments to your treatment regimen that can help, such as lengthening the time you spend with each set of aligners to allow your teeth to adjust. Good communication is key. Always bring up questions, complaints, and concerns to your orthodontist as soon as they arise.

3. Replace cracked retainers immediately.

Invisalign retainers are made from a durable, hard plastic. Most people won't have any problems with broken retainers, but accidents can happen. If you accidentally chip or crack your retainer, make sure to tell your orthodontist at once. You will likely need a replacement since damaged retainers may not work as well. If it's almost time to switch to a new set of aligners, your orthodontist may have you make the change early. Otherwise, they can have a replacement retainer made for you.

4. Clean your retainers twice a day.

Like your teeth, your clear aligners need to be cleaned. You can brush your retainers using your ordinary toothbrush, using toothpaste if desired. It's important to clean away plaque that can accumulate on your aligners, so they don't encourage cavities in your mouth. Regularly brushing your retainers will ensure that your breath stays fresh and pleasant.